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2022 Card Swap - Anything Goes

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Do you love card swaps? Would you like to join one that has members from around the world? Then read below, becuase it is a fun event!!

Card swaps are a ton of fun and a great way to see some amazing cards up close, get inspiration, and also learn - plus it is a fun community to be apart of! Check out the video below for my 2022 ANYTHING GOES Card Swap.

If you are interested in joining, click HERE for the sign up link.

Join the Card Swap Facebook group HERE!!

2022 Anything Goes Card Swap Info - Due Feb 12, 2022 - max 20 cards 1) Create a card with ANY THEME. You may do up to 2 batches of 10 if you want even more cards back. If you send in 10 cards you will get 10 cards back. If you send 20 cards, you get 20 back, etc. Max of 20 cards per person this round. Please only do batches of 10 to keep things simple on my end. The cards you get back depend on the number of people who send them in, some might be duplicates if you send in more than were sent to me. **You can do all of the same cards, or make everyone different, totally up to you!**

2) Cards need to be mailed by Feb 12, 2021, so if you are not in the USA then please keep that in mind for the time it takes to travel.

3) Please do NOT send A2 envelopes for the cards to save on the cost of shipping.

4) Please only handmade cards.

5) To keep things simple let sick with an A2 size card for this. You can go fancy or simple on your card, have fun! Use any supplies you wish!

6) Place your name (first and last) handwritten, stamp, or sticker on the back of your cards so I do not return them back to you by accident.

7) Send your cards in a padded envelope to my address – listed below. Also, you can use Paypal, Zelle, Vemno, or send American cash to mail the cards back to you. Postage Breakdown - USA to USA 10 cards - $6 20 cards - $8 You can also send me a Click & Ship attached to the envelope Postage - USA to Canada 10/20 Cards - $22 If you use Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo use to send return postage payment.

If you are international please contact me for shipping rates. **postage can vary if the cards are heavier or lighter or the type of envelope used- these are only estimates based on my home scale and the shipping calculator I found at the USPS website and from previous swaps**

9) In your package please also send a self-addressed envelope (large enough for the return cards) so I can return your cards. THIS IS A MUST TO SAVE TIME!!!! 10) Please make sure you have signed up on the google doc with your name, the number of cards, and date you sent it to me. This is my tracking system for the cards and also so you can see when it came to me, etc.

My Address Erin Reed PO BOX 6833 Round Rock, TX 78683

***PLEASE ONLY USPS Shipping, Fedex and UPS do not like PO Boxes address*** To Paypal me use friend and family and send the $$ (if in the USA, if in another country we need to talk about the amount) to . I think that is it!! Thanks so much for being a part of this swap!! Please ask if you have any questions!!!

If you are looking for some good ideas for cards, check out the next Card Makers Summit!! Join the VIP waitlist now to learn amazing techniques and have a ton of fun!!

Have a amazing day and don't forget to just create!


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