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Ribbon Flower Headband

My daughter asked for a new headband for spring, and when I asked her what color would she like, she picked her favorite - RAINBOW! She loves all things with rainbows, and the amazing colors of ribbons made for a perfect looped flower to had to a headband!

This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Various companies provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

I used the rainbow of colors of ribbon from Gwen studios for the looped flower. The vibrant colors of ribbons are perfect, and there are 3 different widths to make a multi layered flower.

This rainbow flower headband is so easy to make, you only need a few supplies.

- Gwen Studios Ribbon

- headband

- button

- needle & thread

- lighter

- fabric glue

I made the ribbon in the colors scheme ROYGBIV in that order, and made 3 sets of loops with the widest width at the bottom, then the medium width in the middle, and thinnest width at the top.

I sewed all the layered together, sewed a cute flower button to the top, and then glued it to the headband. Let everything dry first before wearing it, but then after you have a cute rainbow ribbon flower headband perfect for spring!

Interested in the supplies I used in this project? Most are listed below and some are affiliate links, which generates a me little commission (at no extra cost to you at all) when you click on the link and make a purchase.



Isabel Kanakanui
Isabel Kanakanui
May 17, 2023

I like this for myself. I am 73 years old and tonight I will be looking for my ribbon and glue gun to make one for myself.


Janet Trieschman
Janet Trieschman
Feb 10, 2023

super cute headband

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