DIY Binder To Organize Hello Fresh Recipie Cards

My family and I have really been loving Hello Fresh lately, and we love to use the recipie cards to remake the dinners we love. Out problem is that all the cards ae piling up and we do not have a place to store them. So I made a binder to keep all the cards and even decorated it, and make sections!

This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Various companies provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

To see what is in the boxes and also how to make the diner check out my video below!

I started with a black binder I had in my house that was from 2001! It had a logo on it that I wanted cover up, so I used some of the Ultra Metallic StyleTechCraft Vinyl in black. I cut it so size for the front cover and also the spine.

Then I cut out all the words and shapes for the front cover out of Luster and Holographic Vinyl also StyleTechCraft on my Cricut Maker.

I used the cut files from my own designs in my NEW Cut File Collection called Kichen Style Check it out in my store today!

Now it is time to weed out all the the parts of the vinyl not needed.

I used transfer tape to place the vinyl elements on the binder in the exact place I wanted on the cover, and used the felt tool to make sure everything was stuck on.

I also inlaid some of the teal Luster vinyl in the Silver for the ladel and the words at the bottom to add a little something extra. The side spine also has the extra recipie words written on the side.

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I also cut the food section words such as "Pork", "Seafood" and the other food words in the Holographic Vinyl for the inside section to place on the dividers to help keep everything organzied.

Now we have a binder that I all ready for our next meals when we want to find a good recipie to use for dinner!

What color would you decorate on your binder?

Supplies Used

Interested in the supplies I used in this project? Most are listed below and some are affiliate links, which generates a me little commission (at not extra cost to you at all) when you click on the link and make a purchase.

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