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DIY Spirit Arch - Marching Band Spirit Craft

My son has been working so hard this marching band season, along with all the other band students, parents, and directors. AND HE MADE IT TO STATE FINALS!!! To help cheer him on from the stands I made a spirit arch for him to find me and to show my pride for their show THE ARCH.

This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Various companies provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

The bad worked so hard to get to State finals, below is a video of our story.

I made the arch with supplies from Dollar Tree, Xyron, and StyleTechCraft, so simple but really gets the point across that we are ARCH family!! Dollar Tree has a ton of Christmas supplies out right now, so I grabbed some tinsel and used that as the sparkle for the arch.

I use the Ultra FX Glitter Vinyl in blue from StyleTechCraft. It cuts wonderfully on my Cricut and was perfect to showcase the chat of our band, HAWK YEAH!!

I formed the arch with an old pool noodle (also from Dollar Tree), and used clear fishing line to help it keep its place as an arch. I placed the vinyl letters on Dura-lar clear plastic so it looked like it was floating. Wrapped the tinsel all around the arch to make it sparkly, and held it all together with Xyron Hot Glue.

Now I have an arch I can wave in the stands at competitions to show my support for the HAWK BAND and my son.

It also makes it a ton easier for him to find me in the stands especially in a HUGE stadium like the Alamodome in San Antonio for State finals.

I am so proud of my son for all his hard work, early mornings, late nights, hours of practice, time on buses, and dedication to the love of marching band!

Huge shout out to all the band parents, former members, current members, and upcoming kids ready to join in the fun of marching band!! What did you play in band?

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