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Glam Up Dollar Tree Inflatables with Sun Changing Vinyl

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The kids picked out some inflatables from Dollar Tree and Five Below to decorate with some sun vinyl. Sun vinyl is a color changing vinyl that changes color from white to blue, pink, purple, or yellow depending on which sheet you are using.

This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Various companies provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Check out the video to see how to cut and make vinyl for your inflatables!

First you start by cutting your vinyl. I use my Cricut Maker, but any electronic cutting machine works great for cutting vinyl.

I cut out a bunch of hearts in all different sizes in 3 different colors to match the inflatables - so purple, blue, and pink. I then use my tools, or my fingers and nails, to pull the hearts off the back sheet.

Then all you do is place the cut out sun vinyl hearts on the inflatables.

It is so cool how the sun really changes the vinyl from white to the color of the sheet you picked out. The picture is when they have little sun, so mostly white.

Now with a little sun, or UV light, the color changes to blue, purple, or pink! Check out the change in the color of the hearts at the front of the inflatable below the head.

Now check out the hearts all around the big inflatable!

Look how they changed, and my cutie daughter!!!

What fun shape would you put in your inflatables??!?!

Interested in the supplies I used in this project? Most are listed below and some are affiliate links, which generates a little commission (at no extra cost to you at all) when you click on the link and make a purchase.


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